Course: International Veterinary Medicine

Syllabus: International Veterinary Medicine
VCM 671
Course Coordinator: Dr. Margarethe Hoenig

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The goal of this course is to introduce an interdisciplinary program in international veterinary medicine which will serve to familiarize students with international issues and opportunities impacting the profession. The students will be exposed through lectures, and discussion sessions to various facets of veterinary medicine as it is accomplished globally. Emphasis will be placed on emerging opportunities, and preparing to meet those new challenges for the profession in view of political realities. Each student will present a short seminar on a topic of choice (see below). Guest lecturers will present topics relevant to political issues involving the interaction of the US with other countries.
Time of Class: Tuesdays from 4-4.50 PM

Suggested topics for student discussions (not inclusive)

  • Differences in sociocultural perceptions and practice of veterinary medicine – developed vs. developing countries
  • Cultural differences in the human –animal bond
  • Efforts to decrease debilitating disease in the developing world (the role of FAO and private volunteer organizations)
  • International agricultural economics (trade agreements and the role of OIE)
  • Foreign animal diseases
  • International conservation efforts
  • Animal welfare issues-cultural differences

Minimum number of students: 10
Recommended text: There will be no formal text recommendation. Students are encouraged to research current literature.
Credit: 1
Students will be assigned a grade based on the presentation , attendance, and participation in discussion group. Students will receive a letter grade for the course.