Spring 2017 SOC 196 Course: The HIV/AIDS Pandemic


The HIV/AIDS Pandemic:
Global and Local Perspectives

SOC 196 Spring 2017
T/Th, 9:30 AM

Professor Cynthia Buckley buckleyc@illinois.edu
Lincoln Hall 3108 ph 217 300 0233

We have to address the gap that exists between operational science and implementation within resource-limited settings. We have to build sustainable healthcare systems, we have to train professional health workers and reach out to all the patients. We have to open our minds to others and reach out to scientists, health care providers, communities and decision-makers outside the field of HIV. We must act as one, and be more inclusive than we have been to date. We have to call on the new generation, on young women and men, on young activists, young people living with HIV, young scientists, young health care providers, and young leaders. You are the generation with which we can end this epidemic one day.
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, IAS President
Closing Comments 2012 AIDS Conference, Washington D.C.

Course Focus
The HIV/AIDS pandemic has drastically altered the global social, political, economic and demographic landscape. Delivering education concerning the virus, expanding prevention programs, monitoring the needs of countries and communities affected by HIV and AIDS, making treatment accessible and providing care continues to challenge the capacities of families, communities, countries and international organizations. While based within a socio-demographic tradition, this course draws on literatures from many disciplines to highlight the general contours, continuing debates, and ethical challenges related to the pandemic globally, nationally and within Illinois. As an introductory course, we will share strategies to enhance core academic skills focusing on effective approaches to college level reading, note taking strategies and formal writing skills. Participants will become more informed of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, learn core social science theories and develop a strong tool box of academic skills.

Assignments and Examinations
Goals Assessment and Evaluation
Book Review
Community Engagement
Mid term
Take Home Final

Alan Whiteside, 2008. HIV/AIDS: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press.
Elisabeth Pisani. 2008. The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS. Norton.
Course Packet and extensive on-line videos and materials